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What is Purposeful Design®?

Purposeful Design®: The perfect combination of art + science to help you grow your business. Award winning design backed by user experience research, studies and consumer psychology.


Purposeful Design® is a term coined by the Digital Lion team to describe our unique approach to graphic and web design services. Purposeful Design was born of our desire to help our clients become as successful as possible.

We also feel strongly about the importance of going above and beyond the act of providing graphic and web design services. Our talent is unparalleled—feel free to check out our work—but the vision for our company reaches beyond our design talent. We believe our customers deserve top quality customer care as well.

What is Purposeful Web Design™?

Purposeful Web Design™ speaks to our belief that all design elements serve a valuable purpose. We don’t just simply decorate your web pages so they look pretty. We use our in-depth knowledge about user experience (UX) design and online behaviours to add web design elements and features that contribute to the success of your campaigns. Learn more about Purposeful Web Design here.
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What is Purposeful Graphic Design™?

In Purposeful Graphic Design™, we concentrate more on consumer psychology rather than user experience. Unlike web design, graphic design offers no physical interaction between the viewer and the message, so there’s no need to apply usability in this space.

In both practices, however, we do consider your industry landscape, target audience and campaign goals. Then we set forth to design with purpose.

Leave the complex stuff to us. We understand how each design decision contributes to the overall success of a marketing campaign. Purposeful Design® is an in-depth process combining research, intuition and experience. This one-two punch of art and science is what leads to effective results, which means more success for our clients and their marketing campaigns.

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